Collection: Keiko Sena

Born in Tokyo in 1931. Shee studied painting under Takeo Takei, a children's painter known for his modern painting style. In 1969, she made her debut as a picture book author with the series "Iyadaiyada no Ehon". The following year, she won the Sankei Children's Publishing Culture Award for the same series.She has presented many works with a unique world view and a paste painting that can be seen at a glance. Her masterpieces are "Aan An Picture Book" series (both published by Fukunkan Shoten), "Megane Usagi" and "Ghost Tempura" (both published by Poplar Publishing). She is also active in a wide range of fields such as picture-story show.She is also a member of the Federation of Children's Publishing Artists. Based on Kanagawa prefecture Japan.