Collection: Shunso Hishida

Born in Nagano Japan. He entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. After graduating, he participated in the founding of the Japan Art Institute after working as a teacher at the same school. From 1907 he had symptoms of an eye disease and was diagnosed with retinitis caused by nephritis. His condition began to improve, and in 1909 he reached new heights with "Falling Leaves" (Important Cultural Property, owned by the Eisei Bunko), which was exhibited at the Bunten Exhibition,However the nephritis worsened and he died at the young age of 36. His work "Black Cat" passed into the hands of Moritatsu Hosokawa, the founder of Eisei Bunko, in the Taisho period, and is now in the collection of Eisei Bunko (deposited at the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art).

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