Collection: Toshiyuki Fukuda

Illustrator. He is involved in a variety of visual expressions, including illustrations, CD covers, picture books, and the design of the textile brand "Tofu". His major publications are "Toshiyuki Fukuda Works" (Genkosha), "Baby Book" (co-authored with Satoshi Fujimoto/KOKUYO ST), picture book "Red Goldfish and Red Pepper" (co-authored with Kumiko Takahashi/Mill Books), I am a Rabbit” (co-authored with Satoshi Yamashita/Akane Shobo), “Praying Children” (co-authored with Minoru Meguro/Aries Books), “Mouse Seymour” (co-authored with Akiko Ikeda/Akane Shobo), “I have never heard you sing” (co-authored with Takaki Horigome / 888 Books).