Collection: Uehara Nagatake(IGUNFT)

Graphic designer. Born on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from a design specialized school with a degree in computer graphics, they studied fashion at the Okinawa Fashion Art Institute. They joined Graniph in 2005 and introduced Control Bear in 2008. Subsequently, leveraging a decade of experience in graphic design, they started working as a freelancer. In addition to character design, they create various sculptures, graphic designs, and art pieces. They have since established the company ARTOYS. Starting from July 2022, they embarked on the NFT project "IGU NFT" in collaboration with Tomosaku Takarai (@y_x_x_x_k). Their first NFT project sold out, followed by the release of 4,000 generative NFTs and 3D modeling NFTs generated through programs and other mean